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Thread: T2i playback looks different on my computer

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    Default T2i playback looks different on my computer


    I was wondering if its normal for the playback to look different on my computer then on the camera's lcd? I shot a footage as a certain brightness and it looked great when monitoring it on the camera's lcd but when i put it on my computer and playback the video is darker then how it looked on the lcd. I also noticed a footage where the white colour is yellowish on my computer playback. I am missing some kind of setting or something on the camera??

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    There are too many variables to give a definite answer.

    Is your monitor displaying colour correctly?
    Is the camera LCD set too bright? Have you boosted the brightness to view it better in day-light situations?

    Take a look at these first

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    Wow thanks alot for the tip....I just checked my lcd brightness on the camera and it was set to the max at level 7. I turned it down to the middle at 4 and match it to the footage on my computer and now it seems much more closer. As for the color coming out yellowish because the hallway where i was shooting had a yellowish glow to it...I think its because I custom white balance the camera which turns anything yellowish into white. Is this the factor you think?? For video does the camera saves the custom white balance and outputs it on the video?? Can i be missing out on a setting again??

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    You have to do a white balance on the camera every time the lighting changes. If you do a white balance outside then go in doors with tungsten lights on, whites will appear yellow. If you do a white balance in doors then go outside whites will appear blue.

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    Would it be possible to post the footage you shot that would be a much easier way to figure out where a problem would have occurred.

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