Well, I'm just started using this thing today, because I want to edit the movies I recorded from my digital camera. All is well and I'm getting use to it but this stupid beeping noise EVERYTIME I preview is driving me nuts. Anyone know how to disable the beeping noise? Also, when I put my title up (Which is basically just a Black background with white letters saying the title, made it in paint) and press play, all I hear is a continous BEEEEEEEP noise, like it was the Emergency Broadcasting or something lol. Then when I go to properties and mute it, its all good but then the whole rest of the movie is muted, anyway I can just mute the title part online? (which by the way, has no audio in the first place, this is what really confuses me, how do you mute a picture?? Its like telling a a photograph to shut up lol). Well, I was just wondering. Thanks a million.