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Thread: The Merry Christmas Thread :)

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    My first christmas a DD... Hope everyone has a good time and a Happy New Year!

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    Tim, Well, put your feet up and have a rest. I'm sure you've earned it.

    Is Christmas very big in Japan.

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    Merry Christmas to everyone! I started to make a Midnight Blue style christmas short in motion 5 but kind of failed lol!
    so... Merry christmas and a Happy new year!!

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    Merry Christmas, Everyone have a great Christmas and hopefully a new year.
    My Video to add some snow ontop of a video haha

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    Very Festive. Merry Christmas.

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    I suspect mot stages (other than the big venues) have their lighting designed by the salesman - and Budget. So they end up with a selection of mixed lights which are positioned more-or-less somewhere to cove r the whole stage. The light balance is achieved by the Govnor telling the riggers "Up a bit - To the left" etc. so it is only later a camera is used to determine the brightness - as eyes are easily fooled, so it's hardly surprising you experience difficulties in brightness balance.

    Didn't they have dimmers? - I understand the days of rheostats is long-gone, so Dimmer routines can be programmed by a laptop.
    Probably a bit of a hope at village-level, but you may be able to introduce some forward lighting, e.g by turning the light round so it faces the other way?

    I'm not suggesting you didn't think about this, but would be interested to know details of the problem - eg the variation in brightness front/back that created such exposure variation......can you also confirm this wasn't caused by differences in height (eg. standing on support staging)?
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    All very interesting but what has this got to do with Christmas.

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    Default The Newest christmas present out!

    This is a great christmas video hahah!! BRAND NEW ROBOT TOY - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    All very interesting but what has this got to do with Christmas.
    Indeed. The school (who don't even posess a step-ladder long enough to reach the lights!) are now more acutely awre of the problem than before so there's little point discussing it more.

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    Merry Christmas toejam not the funniest video I've ever seen but it was kind of festive.

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