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Thread: How can I make the best use of my PC resources.

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    Default How can I make the best use of my PC resources.

    I have a quad core AMD phenom processor running at 2.1Ghz, and an ATI Radion 5670 graphics card. I have Windows 7 64bit and just upgraded from 4 to 8gb RAM.
    I STILL have a jerky preview (auto). The system monitor tells me that the processor is running between 50 and 74%, but only 28% of the ram is being used. What can i do to take advantage of my system?

    Its a brand new install. There is no software other than Sony.
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    Vegas makes use of a speedy CPU, for improved fps, and now GPU acceleration, RAM and the quantity of fast RAM helps for build RAM previews.

    After that and I'm really starting to loose the plot.

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    My preview is still pretty jerky using Sony Pro 9 and our PC is somewhat more powerful then yours even. From what I read, Sony Vegas 11 with it's GPU acceleration can improve playback performance from anything between 20% and 60%. I've heard they are still ironing out some bugs with it though, so I'm gonna hold off for a few months before upgrading to it.

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    To make use of your RAM you'd need a 64bit version of Vegas. What version of Vegas you running?


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    oops! sorry. I forgot to mention Vega Movie Studio Platinum V10 ( I wish i could put that in a signature). I don't know which are the 64 bit versions.

    However I HAVE managed to make an improvement. In tools/options there is an option to dedicate RAM to render a preview to RAM. Since I never use this (who does?) I zeroed it. The default was 340mb. Since the program only seems to use 2Gb, that's a big chunk, and it unjittered my playback. I wish the program could use all off the 4Gb the a 32bit system can access. That would be a start.

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    Unless I'm wrong...I thought 32-bit systems could only use 3GBs. And considering Windows will happily eat nearly 2GBs on it's own...That does not leave you with a lot to play with!

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    Actually its about 3 & 1/2 but you're right windows uses some so that extra 340mg counts.

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    thanks for the tip! it helped me! previously my previews didnt even work and when I did this hey presto they work now, plus I can play my timeline in best quality now without it jerking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by videolovers View Post
    Delete unwanted files! When I say to delete unwanted files, I do not mean you should go around your computer and delete any file you do not want. In this case, Im talking about the files that you have created yourself, and are totally aware of what they are. For example if you created a Microsoft word document and you no longer need it, and never will, then I suggest you delete that file. This is the kind of junk that clogs up your computer. You have to ask yourself, Do you really need it?

    Files that you have created such as documents and image files can be safely deleted by going to the file on your computer, right clicking on its, and choosing delete from the menu. Keeping your computer or organized and junk free, is a great way to speed up your computer.

    I am sure that helps, however my previews didnt work even when the PC was brand new and I had only put vegas 10 on it and I couldnt play HD video in the best quality without it jerking constantly. Now I can do both.....although I havent tried play a whole project on the timeline in best quality yet.

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