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    I love being able to scan the mobile forums with my Treo600 when Iím away from the computer. Any chance we will be able to post from the mobile forums at some point?



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    Ah, good point James. There's currently a problem as I have to rewrite a template I've "aquired" for this very job. At present changing the forums to the template is irreversible as there's no profile link (easy to change). If you pester me, I'll look into it!

    But there's also a deeper reason. When I started the forums the default template was phpbb silver. Then I created a new one and set that as default. Unfortunately a lot of you guys still have the old one as default, it's just overwritten by a global setting. If I turn this setting off, all of you will go back to the old template - which isn't working! Again, this is a quick job to copy the template to the old one, but again it means time! Or I could ammend all people's profiles to point to the template and delete the old one. Nag me

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    Thanks for the reply Marc,

    Iíll keep nagging you


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