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Thread: Selecting all Events until end from cursor

  1. Default Selecting all Events until end from cursor

    Hey guys,

    I'm pretty new to Vegas and have been getting along with it just fine but I've hit a stumbling block although I'm sure it's very easy / obvious. I did do a search without much luck (probably not using good terms).

    So, how does one simply select all events on all tracks that is after the cursor / timeline?

    I have 8 tracks or so, some mostly empty (used for overlaying the odd picture or text). What I wanna do is chop out some of the video in the middle, and select all the events until the end so I can close the gap. When I've done this before, I've had to Ctrl click on the next item manually on each track inorder to move them all at once and keep everything in sync, which can be kinda annoying if some of the tracks don't have events until quite a bit after the section I've just removed. I figured there must be an easier way to do this in such an intuitive program.

    Thanks for reading.

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    If you turn on autoripple and then do your cut. The rest of the tracks will then automatically move. Make sure you select affect all tracks in the auto ripple options.

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    Ah yeah that's just the behavior I need. I appreciate the help thanks.

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    You can also press "D" to select different cursors, on of them allows you select clips by tracing/drawing around them

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    Oooh so you can, thanks for mentioning that, I can see that being very helpful also.

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    @MB: You move Events, not Tracks. The "Select All Tracks" option refers to the main horizontal areas that contain the Events. So the option to select affected tracks relates to ALL the Events on those AFFECTED Tracks. Again, we aren't moving Tracks.

    To move Tracks, you'd need to select each or individual Tracks at the Track Header/s.

    Tracks contain Events. Selecting affected Tracks will then allow us to move the Events on those Tracks. The Tracks will remain in the same position.

    It's the way Vegas works. Using the shared Vegas definitions reduces the possibility of misunderstanding.

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    I guess he was just meaning moving all the Events within all Tracks because that is what I was getting at in the OP so I got the point, but it's a good thing to clarify should someone stumble across this thread via Google or the forums search ect.

    Whilst we are on the subject of Tracks though, is it possible to reorder the Tracks? (Swap Track 1 with 5, for example).

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    Having a shared, agreed Vegas-lexicon is the very first, and not unreasonable way forward.

    Track manipulation: Swapping, moving, en bloc selection, duplicating, out of order selection ALL of this is done easily. The Track Header is your friend.


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    I suppose I should have said to make sure the auto ripple option of "All tracks, markers, and regions" is selected so this will affect all the tracks on the time line.

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    Events are moved by Auto Ripple, not Tracks. Selecting one of the Auto Ripple options, still doesn't move Tracks. Auto Ripple moves Events on the selected Tracks.


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