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Thread: my first telly programme :D

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    Default my first telly programme :D

    not so much a link, more my telly programme! first thing I've made for broadcast. I produced and directed as well as shot and edited a third of it inbetween the directingness and organising my own crew of varying skill levels from newbies to future pros. Hence why I haven't been about much for the past 6months.

    Its airing on Wednesday (this Wednesday) 14th December, 11.20pm on BBC2 Wales and called
    Made in Wales - The Making Of.

    I know theres a few folk in Wales that have that channel, it would be ace to get some feedback on it I'll be pimping the link as soon as its up on iplayer too!

    tvtimes my doc | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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    congrats ...look forward to seeing it.

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    Congrats FM! Look forward to seeing it (via iPlayer)
    EDIT: How about that. Enc and I wrote the same post at the same time. There again, what else could we say?

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    Third times a charm.

    Congrats. Look forward to seeing it.

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    My doc is up on the old iplayer innit

    BBC iPlayer - Made in Wales: Series 3: The Making Of

    Thanks for the congrats!

    there are things I would change, but the lesson was in timing for the whole production, having such a range of skill level in my crew and ensuring execs and clients were happy. A huge amount of work but worth it.

    I shot a third of this and layed down the story in the main offline edit then gave my editors lots of free reign to make it sparkle.

    Grades and online were done by the pros in the beeb.

    It was shot using canon 7D, 550D, Sony Z5 and Sony Z1
    Main offline was in FCP,
    offline towards the end in Avid
    Online in Avid
    Grade in Base Light
    And dubbed in Protools

    Very proud of everyone involved with it
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    Wow, quite a big project for your first one. I think you did a great job. Well done.

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