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Thread: Automating Photo length and transitioning

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    Default Automating Photo length and transitioning

    Hi All,

    Great Forum!

    I've recently taken the plunge and upgraded my Vegas Movie Studio to Vegas Pro (great offer) and am now at last getting really involved in the extras this software brings.

    One question I have, and I can't seem to find a lot of information on it, is automation of tasks.

    For example, if I wanted to bring 20 photos onto a video track and make each one a total of 4 seconds long with a 1 second cross over transition (ie each photo overlaps the last by 1 second) - is there any automation of this I can perform rather than adjusting each photo?

    I've been watching the various tutorial videos on Sony's sight, very informative, but I do need a little more detail.

    Many thanks


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    If you look in the preferences from the options menu, on the editing tab you will see a box to put the length of stills, you can set this to what you want in seconds. On the same tab there is an option to set automatic overlap when you bring in media to the time line you can set a duration for the over lap.

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    Great !

    Perfect! Many thanks for this tip, thats saved me a lot of time.



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    There is also an option in there to make the image the correct aspect ratio as per project settings

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    Thanks for these tips chaps, this will save me ages!

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