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Thread: Time value...?

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    Default Time value...?

    So i've been editing a video for about a month - it's just a fun project, so I spend like a few hours on it here and there. Anyway, recently, when I send to timeline, and then try moving that clip back or forward, I get the render red line. Now, my sequence is definitely set to the same as my footage, there's no problems there. I have noticed, too, that if i unlink the clips, this little red box appears on both the audio clip and video clip, with a numeric value which seems to correlate to the positions of the clips, in relation to where i first overwrote them to the timeline.

    I have a screen shot here, which you can probably understand way better than that explanation! :P

    I've deleted the audio in that screen shot, but both audio clips had that same red box with the numbers in.
    Could someone please tell me what to do to get rid of it, please?

    I hope it's me being stupid and missing something really simple!!

    Cheers guys!

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    Hi, Could you tell us what version of final cut you are using please? Off the top of my head:

    = The value at which the video is out of synch with the audio.
    You have unlinked the video from it's audio track and separated them across the timeline! It's there as a warning to inform you by how much the video is separate from the audio. The red box is harmless, It does not mean your footage is corrupt or anything else, If you've deleted the audio from it, there is nothing to worry about

    However, If you want a clean and tidy time-line, Rather than un-linking the audio from the video, Simply hold the ALT key, whilst selecting the audio for that bit of video and pressing the backspace or delete key, That way the audio is gone and the editor won't bother trying to keep track of where the synch position is.

    As for the red rendering issue.
    So all you do is drag the footage onto a blank new time-line? And move it to the left or the right, Without any filters, text on top or anything?

    Given that this issue developed recently, I'd double check that sequence settings AND project settings are the same for sure.

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    I'm using version 7.0.3

    The video isn't out of sync with the audio. The red box numbers show up even if i delete the audio clip all together. Even when the audio and video are exactly in sync, but i've unlinked them, and moved them from they're original position on the timeline (where i originally overwrote them), that's when i get the red box numbers. The numbers state how far from the original position they are. So I know what the numbers are doing - I'm asking how to stop it.

    As for rendering - the clip doesn't need rendering UNTIL it overlaps with another clip. Now... neither clip has any effects, overlaying text, anything! The sequence is set exactly the same as the footage. I don't know what's going on - it shouldn't need to be rendered.

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    I wondered that too, the screen-shot (Post No1), shows no audio, OP said he deleted the vid can't be out of sync - but perhaps you have inadvertently altered its length (speed up/down) - I don't use FC, so it's a bit of "interest only" - I use Vegas Studio which makes clips pink if they are out of sync - I had to ask in the "Vegas Forum" for that - yet dragging that pesky Q-mark to the clip tell you nothing.

    I'll wait to learn.

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    Technically you are over-laying 1 clip on top of another. Yes you cannot see it, But in the editor you are doing it hence it's need to render the footage.
    In the places where you over-lay the footage, you could "cut" what is under-neath the footage on top.

    Have you tried leaving the audio linked, But trying to select & delete with the alt key instead?

    Anyway, the red box numbers cause 0 issues in the final export, So I would not worry about it!#

    II move the video separate to the audio BEFORE I delete it, Final Cut will record how far I have moved it from the audio.
    Altering the speed of the clip will never cause that red box to appear...It is only used to inform you of a synch issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    Technically you are over-laying 1 clip on top of another. Yes you cannot see it, But in the editor you are doing it hence it's need to render the footage.
    In the places where you over-lay the footage, you could "cut" what is under-neath the footage on top.
    I've layered a lot of other clips too, it's not needed to render any of the other footage?? And I don't want to cut what's underneath it, as it's a split-screen section in the sequence, so I need both clips.

    I really don't understand why it's doing it. Everything I'm doing with that clip that I'm having problems with, I've done with many others throughout the sequence, and nothing else has done this!

    Thank you for your input, though
    Anyone else have any ideas?

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    Ah-ha, Your split screening it?Are you using a third party plugin to do this? Or are you using the motion tool to crop and scale the image to the correct size?

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    I'm just using the motion tool. What's happening then? :S

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    Your scaling the raw footage, this is an FX.
    By increasing or decreasing the size of the imported video through scaling, It is an FX which means you need to render it.

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    Well, two things...

    1) I've not had to render anything else that i've cropped/scaled/whatever...

    and 2) the numbers show up before i've done anything to it.

    So I don't think you're right on that one, sorry.

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