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    Has anybody got any ideas on how I could create a sort of interactive game on a DVD to have as an extra feature on the disc.

    The sort of thing I want is like a quiz, where you answer questions as true or false and when you click it tells you whether you were right or wrong after you click.
    The only way I have thought of doing it so far is to use a menu system creatively in dvd architect.

    But has anyone else ot any thoughts on how to do something like this?


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    I think the only way you could do it is as you say - having multiple nested layers. The only limitation would be the amount of layers, but it would require a great deal of planning (and above all a good routing map written down).

    Personally I think it's a fab idea if you can get it to work! Ideal for those that love their quizes at parties! The only problem I see would be the ability (or lack of!) to record the score.

    It would def work though! Just that it won't have the ability to register your score. It would be along the liones of: get the question right, proceeed to next screen, get the question wrong, start over. You also have the problem of randomness (unless I';m mistaken, I think button routing always follows a set pattern). Great if you only allow people to do it once, not so great if they get another try!

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