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Thread: Honest Link Pimping.. Work Challenge

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    Hey guys, we have a challenge in work to see who can upload the best video. I have no idea if it is going to be rated on views or what but if you could work any magic to help us that would be awesome!

    Check it out, also let me know what you think of the editing and stuff.

    HOT TOCC Christmas Video - YouTube

    Shameful but honest!


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    I got to 1:00 and gave up, Let me share my reasons why I stopped watching.

    1) the thunderbirds 5,4,3,2,1 just felt so far out of place with your title image, considering you had no movement or numbers counting down!

    magine this intro if they stayed on the same image for all of it...You could have started wide on that image, Then as the numbers count down, Do a hard cut to a closer up image, ect ect.

    2) Slow text intro...Black animated text on a whitish background.
    Yes you are using "animation" but there is no music and it feels very out of place.

    3) 30 seconds of the same shot...just sped up really fast.
    I don't really know what anyone is doing...Who they are or why I should care if they get so many people interrupting them in a working day ( If I had 5 different people walk up to my desk in that space of time, I might start getting very shouty )

    4) You only change camera position at 1:04 But then you start making use of pans which when speeding something like that up rapidly is a bad idea IMO ( it's a matter of taste for some! ) Try framing up a shot, Pressing record, Then when you want to move the camera, stop recording, Move it, Frame it, Then in the editor do a HARD cut to that new shot, No cross-fade, Just do a simple cut. See what it looks like!

    5) I can see this video getting a few laughs at the office, But I think it's very much a "for the people" who are in the office, rather than outside viewers. There may be quite a lot of "In-jokes" in the video ( first aid kit ) but to me I just see the normal hustle and bustle of an office...That has been sped up.

    I hoped you enjoyed making it and had fun together as a team but I would advise you to consider what might be done differently the next time you do it.

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