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    Default Video editor looking for job

    Hi, im ilay 16 years old video editor(im not from the uk).
    I'm editing for the past 3 years for my fun(video clips, remakes to trailes and gameplays and etc...), im not a pro at editing but i think i can do a decent job.
    I'm looking for a job that will challenge me and improve my editing skills.
    If you have a project or anything i can do for you i would be happy to do it.
    My price is 10 EUR for a project(unless it will last for more than 10 hours) if you will think my job doesnt fit your requirements you dont have to pay at all.

    thanks =]

    P.S: if i broke any rule please tell me and dont delete this post

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    I think it will be helpful for potential employers to see some of your past work. Got a YouTube page? =]

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    I dont have anything to show here and that is one of the reasons i came here.
    and now that i think of it i dont care to make the first one for free so i can show my level.
    i just need anything to do mostly to fill a page on youtube and to improve my level...

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    I have nothing I'm afraid, but posting where your based would help.

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    Isn't this a case of "who you know"? - people will be reluctant to give their valuable files to someone they don't know, although a small group of film-makers might, to help OP out, since the files can be duplicates, not the original. (now we are digital).

    I think OP needs to say what editing software he's used to ( as this can influence any sharing, should the project require some tidying-up, for example) - and what input/output he's able to offer.

    I think I understood him to say that he's prepared to do a "taster" for free, up to xx minutes, - but somehow it got a little confusing.

    Quite agree he needs to say where he's located as this is very much a hand-to-hand buisiness, at least until you have a "Good Reputation" for quality and speed of delivery.

    In some ways he'd find it easier ( at just 16), to shoot some vids and edit them, so potential employers will see that he has an understanding of more than just the Editing part.

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