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Thread: Canon 600d 1.8 50mm Prime Lens...anyone know much about it? :)

  1. Default Canon 600d 1.8 50mm Prime Lens...anyone know much about it? :)

    Hey guys, does anyone know much about this lens? I have heard its pretty awesome

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    In general such prime lenses will be well designed and represent good value, despite having a high list-price. That many camera makers offer a similar optic might means they have a common design/manufacture. . . . although they will deny this.
    For many situations it will be an excellent lens and very useful in low-light situations, or where you just don't want any depth of field. of course the modern trend is to have zooms with somewhat poor f/stops - but that is simply a matter of production costs. Zooms are complicated and if you need to work in unusual situations, then the mechanical simplicity of the 50mm may save the day.

    That's enough.....over to you...

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    thanks for the great advice . Cant wait to get hold of one!

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    Is this the 80 plastick fantastic?

    ... it'll be great.
    better look after it thought as they aren't exactly robust looking.

    on an aps-c sensor (like the 600D) it'll actually give you an equivalency of 65/70mm or something like that.

    f1.8 will let you shoot without flash and in lower light situations - like a bar or party or .. more often.. .weddings.
    - In those situations though..... You're going to have to get used to some finer focussing than you may have been used to with f.4. - there'll be far less depth of field .... but then that's more opportunity for arty farty bokeh shots...

    get it. and have fun.

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    I use a f1.8 50mm Nikon-plastic prime lens, not unlike OP's question - it does behave as Thurston Lang suggests - and it enables the camera to see better in the dark that I can, by eye alone.
    + also used it with an extension tube - that f1.8 does make focusing critical, but it's still bright (you lose light with an extension).

    I believe it's a good lens for interviews on APS-C as it gives a tight shot without being too close to the subject. Also, it can kill distracting background detail. Although it only works "Manual" focus/exposure, my NEX5 does appear to alter the film-speed to get a correct exposure.
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