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Thread: Video Output Brightnes Problem

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    Default Video Output Brightnes Problem

    Hey All,

    Ive had Sony Vegas 5 for quite some time but ive noticed that any video i render in Vegas 5 will only play in its true brightness if i use Windows media player. All other players play the video at a much darker level and i dont understand why. This problem only occurs with Vegas 5 and ive checked all the brightness levels in all players and theyre set normal and when i preview the video in Vegas5 its correct brightness but when rendered its darker...apart from in Windows media player ive tried different file types aswell but the problem persists.

    Anyone have any ideas??

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    I know that Media Player has built in adjustments to the brightness. Could it be that this has been altered? What does the video look like on another machine in WMP? And waht codec did you use to encode/does it happen on all videos, or just those encoded through Vegas?

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    It only happens with videos ive made in Vegas and ive found that its the same case on other machines

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