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    Default Suiteable output for the web

    Hi everyone. I have a series of videos that I will be edit and combine into 4 separate videos. As far as I know, we will be hosting these ourselves, and people with a variety of connection speeds will be accessing the videos. I am going to tell you the specs of the original video I am using as a test piece and then asks some questions.

    Original Video:
    720 x 480 (.9091)
    29.97 fps
    48000 Hz Compressed Stereo
    6 Minutes and 45 Seconds long
    From a Canon FS200 (non-HD Camera)

    For posting to the web, where should I focus my trimming back -- frame rate or bitrate? I did a test video with a framerate of 15 fps and a bit rate of 1 Mbps and a max of 1.5 Mbps. I left the audio at 192 Kbps, and it sounded good. The video looked good too. File size was 59 MB.

    I made another version of the same video at 30 fps, but dragged the bitrate down to 233 Kbps and a max of 320 Kbps...and the video looked terrible if there was any movement. I took the audio down to 56 kbps, and the audio still sounded good. The file size was around 16 MB.

    Additional Questions
    1. Does anyone have any other suggestions for reducing the file size to keep the quality? I have been reading on some other forums trying to understand the relationship between fps and bitrate.

    2. Should I reduce the resolution? I kept the video in its native resolution of 720 x 480.

    3. Do the file sizes I mentioned above sound appropriate for the specs on the video?

    4. Should I post 2 separate videos: a low-bandwidth and a high-bandwidth; maybe even offer some info for people to download it for offline viewing.

    I am using Premiere Pro CS4. We aren't adding any animations, and the editing is real basic -- just chopping out the parts we don't want; no image stabilization, maybe some color correction, and basic transitions. Not sure if any of that matters. Additionally, I end up using the Adobe Media Encoder to generate the final video. I am using the H.264 output, which gives an MP4 file.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


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    this is the man you need

    ou could probably drop your audio to 44hz
    I generally go by the following for 1280 x 720 h.264
    internet for lower use 2000mbs
    higher broadband 4000mbs
    dont change the fps and leave keyframes as auto
    Audio can sometimes go down to 128
    talking heads only if its clear voice can survive at 22/16bit

    a little vague but might be of some assistance..

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    Errr....2000mbs? Is that meant to be 2mbs?
    That seems like 2GB per second... Unless I'm mis-understanding you Fuzzymuffin!

    It sounds to me like your trying to squeeze the file as small as it can be, How are you going to host it if I may ask? Progressive downloading or an actual streaming solution?

    As you get to host off your own server, I'd be tempted to bump up certain quality items like the MBps rate, Youtube's maximum is 5MBps with a minimum of 3MBps, So if your clients can watch youtube ok, I'd go with that as a target estimate.
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    woops, that was a late night sleepy mistake.
    Kbps. not mbs
    thanks potter.

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