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    Wink Mirrors

    Mirrors - YouTube

    Tis a video that i made using avs editing software. Wouldn't mind hearing what people have to say about it.
    Twas based on a haiku poem about mirrors. Mirrors-reverse. Then i kinda went from there.

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    I saw a very dark magician, or so I thought - where were these Mirrors - and a "poem"....surely not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vidmanners View Post
    I saw a very dark magician, or so I thought - where were these Mirrors - and a "poem"....surely not?
    Well, the poem was called mirrors, mirrors give reverse images, hence the reason i made some a video reversed. Did you enjoy it, or do you hate it with a vengence?

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    In the final scene, it looks odd to see the actor exiting the door backwards. Slightly unnatural.
    The text at the end looked a little difficult to read. I feel almost sure your software can render better than that. It looked fuzzy.
    Your camera does not give seem to give a very clear image. Perhaps you could add some more light to the room?
    Personally, I prefer people did not lurch forwards and backwards to the camera. I am sure it is popular, but makes me feel sick.
    No badly acted, but if you study it carefully; you may see some areas where your 'reverse' acting is not completely natural.

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    I like that you tried something different but felt it need much more thought to make it work. Keep trying.

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    Its a pretty cheap camera, and free video editing software. I added a noise effect and increased the contrast to mask out the faults in the camera and to make the footage look old and worn. I completely agree with your point on the acting. Something i shall aim to improve on so thank you. Some of the reverse parts were meant to seem unnatural but i think the others could have been improved.

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    i watched the first 30 seconds without music...... turning my speakers on actually made it work for me. liked it.

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    Trippy. cool. Interesting.


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