I have been studying video and audio editing for the past three years and it has really become a passion of mine. I primarily edit on Avid and I feel awkward when trying to use anything else. I hope to get a job as a movie trailer editor after I complete my Masters degree in Communications in 2013. I currently specialize in audio editing, as I love going through the same 5 seconds of sound and tweaking it until it's the best that it can be. This has earned me the title of "Audio Sweetener" on two short documentaries that my school has produced. I would absolutely love hearing form other editors out there about their passions and experiences involving editing. I'm graduating with a Masters degree within the next year, and I'm looking forward to getting out into the real world, but I'm somewhat nervous at the same time. Is there any advice about getting a job from anybody in the field? Some of my work:&nbsp;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhKqsYsYHaI<br>Linda Thornton Seeking Sustainability, One Shrimp at a Time - YouTube