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Thread: Newby Seeking Advice on Editing Softwear

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    Default Newby Seeking Advice on Editing Softwear

    I am new to camcorders and I have just purchased a Patterson HDC-HS900. My computer is an iMac Lion which has iMovie installed. When I try using this softwear I meet all sorts of problems like greyed out commands. When I use the inspector to make changes to saturation etc the changes occur on the preview but they do not appear on the event line or the project line. I have contacted an apple store but they were unable to help.

    Will someone help please.

    Is there a more suitable piece of soft wear, how much will it cost and where from?

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    Hi there,

    I might not have the answers that you are looking for, but I had a nightmare when I bought my Panasonic HMC41E, and found that my Mac couldn't work with the AVCHD files that our cameras produce. To use iMovie, I had to plug my SDHC card into the Mac, and then run every file through another piece of software before the Mac would even recognise them. On HD files that could take hours, and then, it took ages to import the clips into iMovie.

    The best thing I ever did was to buy Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, and load that onto my work laptop (PC). The files were recognised as soon as you plugged them into the PC, and they imported into SV soooo much quicker. Now, I have to say that the PC laptop is far newer than my Mac, so that would have been at least a part of the reason.

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    Default Thank you Mike

    Thank you for your reply Mike. My imac is only a few weeks old. I will look into the softwear you mention and see if it is compatible with my iMac.

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    pple's "flagship" editing package is Final Cut Pro.
    It is far superior to Imovie and I suspect it may be able to cope just fine with your camera.

    My suggestion is try it:

    ee if it works with your camera and have a play with the software.

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    Thank you Bpotter908. I will give it a trial


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    Well Christmas is over and I have wasted no time in downloading FCP. I have absolutely no idea about how to use it but I do have one month go get some idea before the free trial is over.


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    Well I've tried Final Cut Pro and I think I will get on with it so I will buy it. Thank you Bpoter for putting me on to this.

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    Default Final Çut Pro

    Well I have been using FCP for a good six weeks now. I also purchased the book "Final Cut Pro X," by Diana Weynand which I have found to be invaluable in helping me understand how to use FCP. The program itself is extremely powerful. It is capable of performing with ease, any task I require for now, although its capabilities extend way beyond anything I am ever like to need. The book is well written and very comprehensive, maybe a little too much so for a beginner like me. Once again, my thanks for the helpful advice I received.

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    wow, a returning punter

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    I was having a bad day, but this made me smile, thanks!

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