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    Default TMPG problem

    It's been a while since I tried this and have encountered a problem.

    Basically, I've completed a movie on windows moviemaker and saved it as a wmv file. When I run TMPGEnc and choose the saved wmv file, it comes up with the error message " can't load P3Package.dll "

    Would be very grateful if someone could tell me what the problem is.


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    A google search came up with the following:

    Normally the folder that contains TMPGEnc.exe should also contain the following DLL files:


    If you move TMPGEnc.exe somewhere else, it won't work. It must reside in its folder, which contains those dll's and other files it needs.

    Word has it that there's a nasty "cracked" (or a fake serial number) version of TMPGEnc (NOT TMPGEnc DVD Author) floating around. The telltale sign is supposedly that after unzipping, when you try to run the program, you are advised that you're "missing" either the P3PACKAGE.DLL OR THE P4PACKAGE.DLL - despite the fact that those files are present.

    Either way, I'd uninstall, then download the latest package and install that.

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    Thanx again Marc........

    It turned out that the program existed in my temp folder and I dropped the main start up icon onto my desktop, therefore it wouldn't startup.

    re-installed to a different location and hey presto !


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