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Thread: Machete 3.8 is released - MOV (Apple QuickTime) format now supported

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    Default Machete 3.8 is released - MOV (Apple QuickTime) format now supported

    We've just released the new 3.8 version of our quick and easy lossless video editor! The new version comes with the full support for MOV (Apple QuickTime) video and audio format support, and we improved its handling of MP4 files over 4GB.

    You can download and use fully functional FREE trial version of Machete for up to 14 days.

    For more information, visit Machete Home Page

    You can also check out our free Machete Video Editor Lite - it offers Machete functionality for a smaller number of video formats (AVI and WMV).

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    New update of Machete is out - in addition to maintenance, improved navigation within MP4 files.

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