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Thread: sound synchronisation

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    Default sound synchronisation

    I am using cyberlink power director 4 and have a number of digital video files I have captured and cut together. The sound is not synchronised with the clips so voices are coming out before the lips move. Any ideas?
    I think I may have to recapture the sound critical elements and insert into the timeline. Interestingy, they look Ok on the captured file, its only when I've cut them and inserted that I have the problems.

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    It might just be a problem with the program you are using to edit. Look around the forums and see what program you'd like to take a shot at. If you don't feel like switching programs, maybe its the capture. Capture it with another program like VirtualDub or something.
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    Default sound synchronisation

    thanks for that, I sorted the problem, when I had applied an effect to my photos in the track there had been a glich withthe soundtrack, knocking it back on the timeline and over a blank screen. I have recut that section and reapplied the effects so it is fine now.

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