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    Default Toukoen Okayama Japan

    Here is a short edit from when i visited Toukoen Garden. Looked really beautiful in autumn!
    Its shot on my iPhone again so its not the steadiest camera shots, and i may have over done it with the color grading.
    Let me know what you think... Thank you!


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    While it's not perfect due to the ,imitations of the iPhone it's still a very mice piece.

    Well done.

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    I like it! Did you literally just pull your iPhone (4S?) out of your pocket and shoot that or did you have any other equipment? Nice job.

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    Thank you for the comments. Yes pretty much just pulled out my iPhone 4 and shot away. The image stabilization tool is FCPX helps with the terrible shake that you get with the iPhone. Its an amazing feature in FCP, helped me so many times! lol

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