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Thread: Will pay for basic camcorder tuition!

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    Default Will pay for basic camcorder tuition!

    Hi folks,

    Gillian answered a previous post of ours brilliantly in respect of learning video and edit skills. Subsequently, we have been along to 2 local clubs but whilst the people there were very friendly indeed, the clubs are now closing until September for a summer recess!!

    I will go on a course to learn how to edit video footage and have a go myself too.

    However, a few hours with someone on basic camcorder technique would be very useful and we are prepared to make it worth someones while!!

    Anyone out there who is experienced, good at putting things over and wants earn a few quid or have a donation made to their club or charity of their choice?

    Julia and I will travel a reasonable distance of course.

    Hope to hear from someone soon.

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    Personally I find practice, practice and more practice is the sure fire way to success. I think there's only so much you can learn by being shown... it's when and how you apply those techniques which can never be taught.

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    To Be Honest Marc one needs a guiding hand in knowing what to do even if its just demonstrating what white balance is and knowing why it is needed to be set. It all makes a big difference.

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    Have you seen the date on this post, 2005. You must have really been trawling through the theads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Have you seen the date on this post, 2005. You must have really been trawling through the theads.
    Ahhhh those four wheel drives will get anywhere.

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    Hope that J.F.Kennedy wasn't attached to the thread then. lol. It has a "simular threads to this one" facility on this site which is quite interesting but I think , thanks to you guys that one will need to check the date on the thread first...

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