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Thread: Freestyle Snow Sports - Dubstep Video

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    Default Freestyle Snow Sports - Dubstep Video

    Hey guys,

    Check out my latest video. If you're a fan of snowboarding, skiing and sweet dubstep then have a watch

    Let me know what you think

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    some nice shots in there. I like the frame sample effect at 39 seconds.

    though dub step suits this kind of action im not sure your cuts worked with this particular tune.

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    Nice video... brings back so many memories. Is that Chill Factore in Manchester? I have been a few times, but i use to go to Xcape in Castleford every week!
    Great edit man!

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    Not what we're used to from you. I hadn't noted who'd posted this until your "Fearless Freak Production" notice popped up and, prior to that, I was expecting something which would not do antything for me. (I have no interest in these sort of sports - or any really. Couch potato - that's me)
    I can't say I was pleasantly "surprised" as such at the result - as that would imply I didn't think you were capable of this - but I was surprised to see this sort of content from you. And it was very enjoyable - not too long, lots of variety of shots not just of the participants, but of the spectators as well. There was a little bit of "I'll throw in all the techniques I've learned", but not enough to make me feel you overdid it. Perhaps one too many slowmos - that's all! Very good slo-mo - Twixtor? High speed camera? Impressive stuff. And done tastefully.

    I'm afraid I have to agree with enc about the cutting to the music though. The edit did not seem to be sympathetic to the beat.

    Good stuff, all the same.

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    Thanks guys

    I always get some great feedback from this forum.

    It is the Chill Factore in Manchester, it was my first time there, one day I'll learn to ski I'm sure.

    Thanks Tim, I thought I'd try something to not be branded a one trick pony. I did use Twixtor for the first time in this video also and obviously fell in love with it. That's probably why you thought I'd used it one too many times.

    I'll work on the timing of the edit next time, I didn't want it to be too choppy as I thought you'd miss important details. It was a lot of fun to make anyway

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