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    Having trouble burning dvd's on DVD Architect. I'm using a mac with a partition so I can boot up in windows to edit on Sony Vegas and then make dvd's on DVD Architect. I DVD Architect on the bootcamp C drive which has no more room to store project files. So yesterday I clicked "prepare" and I directed the file to a folder on my external drive. It seems to prepare alright but when I click "burn" I get an error message: "An error occured openina a file on the system. Make sure you have permission to access this file." I've tried to go in and allow permissions both on the pc side and on the mac side but I still get the same error message. Thanks for any help you!

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    No great knowledge of Macs, but I wonder if you are using an external USB storage?

    If you can, it will help to have an eSATA external drive, although there could be issues with the loop-time between the Win OS and the underlying Mac. My Vegas Studio 10 and DVD Architect does appear fixated on the C-drive, even when Vid files can be huge. It would be far better to install a SATA drive, like 2Tb but then Macs never were cheap to upgrade...and HDDs are recently at much higher prices. My last bare 2Tb was 59 and the ext eSATA case 14 with PSU. The connecting cable is very stiff, so I bought 1.5m for 6.

    My experience with USB/vid has not caused the PC to shut-down, just a very long time to completion.

    Hope that is some help.
    I though Mac users liked FCP

    Although this IS a VEGAS Forum!
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