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    Default New Windsurfing Video

    It has been a while since I posted one of my videos here for review so it wil be interesting to see what pointers are given to me now.

    Chop Hop - YouTube

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    I think your patented "looking down from the mast" is interesting for a few seconds and may have some merit for windsurfer training, but watching full screen, I'm afraid I soon found it rather tedious. The "helmet cam" position shots were slightly seemed to have a bit more going for them, but not much. On the other hand, it probably had the effect of making mefeel I was theer as i felt decidedly sea-sick after a minute or two!

    In all seriousness I think these shots are really great but need to be used very infrequently amongst straighter shots. Leave people thinking "Wow, what an interesting shot" and wanting more rather than forcing them down the throat all the time. If you could rig up something to the mast that gave a view looking back towards the surfer from the side or even nbetter from in front, that might give an image which could sustain repeated views.

    Don't get me wrong, what you've done is impressive, and I can see you've really attempted to give different shots/angles, but I'm not so sure about watching these shots for more than a few seconds at a time.

    The credits rolled rather too quickly for me (if you're going to put them there, at least give the few people who may be interested time to read!) and the opening was, in my eyes, horrible - like something from a 1980s VHS home video movie

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    Tim is right. The video would be better with more than one shot. If you put the camera in one position, did a bit of surfing, then came back to the beach, fix the camera in another position, do a bit more. Repeat this a few times. Then when on the beach take some shots of others on the water, close ups of your kit, other "interesting things". Now you have a variety of shots. Mix them together in a pleasing way giving the video some sort of narrative as simple as; Arrive at beach, set up, do some surfing, pack up, end.

    That would be a better video.

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