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Thread: Frustrated Interview Guy. Need help with mic's

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    Default Frustrated Interview Guy. Need help with mic's

    :( So I lash out 90 to buy a Rode Videomic. Unfortunately, although it picks up the words of an interviewee in a room quite well, it also picks up 'ALL' of the noise from the camcorder. To such an extent that although the onboard Sony TRV10e mic is a bit tinnier, it's still the better choice because you don't have any of the hugely irritating background whirr!

    So now I am tempted to take the Rode Videomic back to the shop and try to change for a regular Mic. Of course the camcorder Mic port doesn't accomodate a regular mic lead, so:

    a) Anyone know of a mic with a 3 metre plus cable that will plug into the regular camcorder mic port and give me good interview audio quality ?
    b) Anywhere I can buy a 'cheap' adapter/cable to get a regular mic into the TRV10e 1/8 inch port?

    TY in advance.

    By the way, eventually when I buy the HD Cam all this will go away but it's soooooo frustrating

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    Strange that! I just bought a Rode Video Mic. I used it for a recent wedding shoot, and was quite delighted with the results. Have you tried setting the microphone to the High Pass Filter setting?

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