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Thread: exporting RED colour (maybe other colours too)

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    Default exporting RED colour (maybe other colours too)

    hi everyone!! i need your help... (After effects)

    i have created a composition.. which i try to export but i encounter a problem which seems to haunt me from the past...

    the parts of the image which are red... loose so much quality!!! i export it as a DV.. which should be lossless but no luck.. what is the solution?

    i remember someone telling me that i have to play with the passes (????) but how can i control the passes when exporting in dv..?

    what encoder should i use... which want loose me any quality?

    should i export it as an .avi (no compression)????? is this the only solution??

    the animation will end up in a dvd... any help will be great...

    thanks in advance

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    Could you give a bit more info? What exactly is wrong with the colour? Is it pale, washed-out?

    Is it over saturated, gaudy? What version of AE are you using? What are your PC specs? Have you actually done an avi export - and red still looks naff?

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    ok.. i will give more info.. i think i found a way arounf the problem but i still need to understand!!!!

    ok i run AE 5. on a p4 1.06 with 512... or a premiere 6 .. both have the same problem

    and the problem is that when a have a red graphic.. and when i say red i mean almost as red as it gets it doesnt render well enough when i export it in avi..!!! it only renders perfectly when i export it in avi using no compression. to be more precise the problem is that if i have something black over the red graphic... like a black text... the red bleeds into the the text!!! and the text looses quality dramatically! all these when i export almost LOSSLESS in .avi using the DV compressor... which as i understand has the best quality for an .avi compressor.. no?

    if i change the colour it renders perfectly... .. everything else i render also looks good... i thinking it is a fundamental problem rather than somthing i do wrong! like the "red if it is too pure it is not supported by 1-pass compressions"..!! :S but i really just say that i dont know!!!

    anyway i will work by exporting reimporting and so on.. using no compression!! and then convert it to mpg using the highest settings (2-passes etc.) before i burn it on a dvd.. tell me if this sound like a plan...

    anyway thanks .. if anyone can shed some light on the mistery it will be great


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    So it looks just like the titles of the region 2 DVD of Blade then?

    I seem to remember reading something fairly recently about issues like this. It was an article from a magazine about high def video. It mentioned red on black and talked about issues exactly like this and that the issues were a result of the colour space being used. Now I don't really have this vocabulary so someone else will have to fill in the blanks but changing from 4:2:0 colour space to 4:2:2 or better should cure this.

    Now, what this all means to home enthusiast like myself I have no idea. The point I mean to make is that this colour combination seems to have known issues.

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    what you say sounds logical! it is along the lines i would imagine it!! :S :S
    thanks.. anyone else who knows more... even if it is too technical pls share

    i have changed now the text from black to white and it is fine..


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