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    I'm looking for some help on a little project I want to do. Basically I want to put my son and wifes face/head onto two cartoon characters. The cartoon is about 5 mins long so there are loads of different scenes and zooms that I need to track. I'm looking for something simple rather than a head seamlessly replaced and tracked and AE can do this for me once I track a head but I don't know how to do it through several scenes and attach 2 heads in one scene, one in another etc. All the tutorials I have found are way too advanced for what I want to do as it doesn't have to be anywhere near perfect as it's only for a child for Xmas!!

    I haven't a clue where to begin though. I'm a photographer so I use PS all the time and AE came with CS so I only opened it for the first time yesterday so my knowledge is basically zero.

    I'm sure this isn't too difficult to do and I'm not requiring anything fancy only have their heads in the general area of the characters head. I have the 5 min cartoon, it's Peppa Pig, (avi file) and psd layers. Anyone know where I can find a basic tutorial on how to do this?


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    I think it would need to be produced on a scene by scene and character by character basis, but feel sure that AE's tracking system and masking options could give a decent result.

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