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Thread: Capture Stops After 1 Second Now??

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    Default Capture Stops After 1 Second Now??

    This is strange....atleast to me.

    Yesterday, captured DV onto my D (video only) drive just fine, using MyDVD 6.0 Deluxe. Noticed my 2nd tape wouldn't fit, so proceded to delete files on D drive. Then noticed that my available space didn't appear to be going up like it should've been (and yes, I took care of Recycle Bin for leftovers). After deleting several files and defrag'ing twice, it shows I have 24 GB available. Also checked for errors. (Note: the first defrag didn't work cause it said I only had 14% free space.)

    Anyway, when I try to capture video to this drive, it just stops after 1 second (6.6Mb), and says 'error during capture'. It will let me save this 1 second of video to the harddrive. Now, if I change the path to point to my C Drive, it captures like it always has.

    Any ideas on what's going on with this harddrive all of a sudden? Could it still be related to MyDVD somehow? Any tests I can run to narrow it down?


    PS. Maxtor 120GB, NTFS, which I've been using for over a year now

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    At this point my next step would be to run scandisk and do a 'thorough' scan on the disk, looking for any surface defects on the drive. Let it run overnight. If that checks out, then I'm out of ideas.
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