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Thread: The New kid with a Cannon 600d. Could someone please help me with the movie settings?

  1. Default The New kid with a Cannon 600d. Could someone please help me with the movie settings?

    Hey guys. I have just purchased a Cannon 600d. it has great movie making tools with it. However I am just wondering what is the best settings for a great movie. I am a bit of a newb. Just got hold of the whole CS5.5 package aswell, getting back into Adobe premier.

    So back to the question. Whats the reccomendations for a good high quality movie?. What size memory card and such? I bought a 8gb one for 12. However when I film at 50 fps it seems to run out very very quick :S


    Thanks guys and hello

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    I don't mean to be rude but your question is a bit like "I've just bought a new TV can you tell me what to watch.

    Your memory card at 8gb is very cheep so if you are finding you are running out quickly then by a couple more. Shooting at 50fps is good for capturing fast motion but needed for normal filming. If you shoot as 25 fps this will give you more memory room. BUT I'm sure you know this already.

    1080p is the best resolution, if you want that but think of the purpose of the movie. Is it going to end up on YouTube, DVD, BluRay, stay on your computer etc.. these are all factors that determine what resolution you might want to shoot at. Then there is the important aspect which is nothing much to do with a camera, it's to do with how you use it. Zooming in and out is not really professional or swinging around from left to right and back again. I don't know what your experience is so I don't really know what starting point to begin with.

    Fill us in with a bit more info so we can be more specific for you.

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    Very understandable. I did not give the best of information.

    Basically. My plans are solely youtube/Vimeo based. I have recently launched a clothing company. Aswell as I am a freelance drummer. So i would like to create and edit videos for these. I have adobe premier and after effects to work with too. I currently own a 18 - 55m Lens. This is a standard 600D lens. I have been advised to purchase a 1.8 50mm prime lens for video as it would make the video seem great, apparently. I am getting mixed reviews on that lens. Someone even tried recommending me the 1.4 version.

    I want a video similar to this, ignore the drumming and such, the kid is terrible! But the quality of video is great. There is some weird effect that keeps popping up, do you know what this is at all?

    Thanks for the interest and help

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    No link to the video.

    A nifty 50 is would be a good addition to your glass collection. I wouldn't worry to much about going for the 1.4 unless you intend doing a lot of night shoots. Although I'm sure the price tag will reflect that it is a better lens. Going for the cheaper option will help you to get a wide angel lens and maybe a bigger zoom for shooting wild life, you did say you are a drummer.

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    Wow, I am an amatuer. Here is the link! Ignore the drumming. Maybe even turn the sound off!

    Ricky - OF MICE AND MEN - Still YDG'n (Drum Cover) - YouTube

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