Im currently using the program to put together 4 or 5 videos and have them all playable on a single Blu Ray disc.
The program works a treat in general, I thought I may struggle with it but has been pretty simple over all, and i can create the BDMV folder no problem at all.
However when I play the output BDMV folder in VLC it doesn't play the files in the correct order, I thought was a mistake on my part at first so re authored the files once again making sure i added them and had them in the correct order but yet again the result was that the disc did not play in the correct order, I have attempted to look thru the setting for something that may help me but I haven't found anything. I decided to have a look in the Blu Rays "STREAM" folder, and I noticed that the .m2ts files in the stream folder are in the correct order, when I play file 00000.m2ts it is indeed the first file i wanted to play, 00001 - 00006m2ts files also in the folder are in the correct order. So it seems to be only when I play the folder together that the order is mixed up.
I tried to play the folder in MPC also but that was not successful as i got the message "unable to render file"

So my question is really, anybody know of a setting I may have missed that may help me, or a reason that this may have happened?

If any info on the files im using or any other information is needed please let me know and ill do my best to provide.

Thanks in advance