i'm using adobe premiere pro 1.5 and i got a problem that quite distrubing. when i exported my movie project in avi format, the result is very very bad (for an avi output). the quality is just like vcd. the strange thing is that i'm using the DV avi uncompress setting for the output setting. shouldnt be that the best seting in exporting movies? i mean uncompress.

it goes the same way when i exporting in avi format with compression. i keep trying to export using various codec like cinepak, intel indeo, etc. but the result is still the same. but when i exported it in dvd format (m2v) the result is much better then the avi one.why?

one more thing, when i exporting the same movie project in premiere 6.5, the avi output is much2 better then the premiere pro.

can anyone help me explain this?
btw forgive my grammar, i'm not quite good in english
greetings from indonesia!