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Thread: "Jimmy's Special Goggles"..... stop-motion plus mo

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    Default "Jimmy's Special Goggles"..... stop-motion plus mo

    I did everything on Arcsoft Showbiz.'sSpecialGooglesWMV1.WMV

    This is a 1 minute clip about Jimmy, a special young man who has even specialer goggles.


    P.S. Thanks again for your help, Marc!

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    Default WAY cool

    I love your video... AND all this with Showbiz! I've been playing with Showbiz, and 'love the projects I'm able to make. Now, if I can just get them to transfer to DVD properly (in previous discussion).

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    Is Showbiz a DVD creation software? I did a search and can only find Showbiz DVD ??

    Also would you like to tell us how u did the floating in air images? I'm guessing you just took photos and touched them up??

    Cheers, nice work.

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    showbiz is actually an editing program... it comes standard with HP computers now.... its decent, kind of like pinnacle. he just used it really well. someone get this dude a better editing program, and he could make the next eye candy video.
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    What song is that in the video?

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    Default No touch up

    First of all, thanks to you for watching and especially responding in some sort of way. (No one has ever responded to my other submission, and rightfully so....I made it in '95)

    2nd, the song is 'Transdermal Celebration' by Ween, from their latest CD, quebec.

    I didn't do any touch up. Here's what I did, and I already detailed it in another post 3 months ago, but for you, if you happen to come back to this thread and read again.........

    I video taped myself jumping in the air, revolving in small increments. Then, I took the video and copied screen shots of each of the apexes. Last, I put all the pics together in sequential order, each for only a split second. I figured out how to do this with my camcorder and VCR back in 1995, but I think the computer makes it soo much funner. Or at least more quality and precision.

    Now those are some special goggles, Jimmy!

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    I saw your other post too, but, I'll say it again... you did a marvelous job with this (is it called?) stop-motion effect! Have you done anything else lately to share?

    P.S. I'm still not doing any good with Showbiz. I create wonderful projects, but, they look like **** when I save them to DVD. Any advice?


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    Default Gwenie the Vegie and Debzdoo

    GTV, Thanks for that comment about the eye candy video. I think you understand me. And yes, somebody please get this get a better editing program

    Deb, Have you tried experimenting with the different options for rendering? One thing I know for sure, you must have a DVD burner in order for it to work. I don't have one, so I just make VCDs.

    I would post some more videos, but Marc Peters already is hosting my first two and I don't want to bother him with hosting another one. He's a great guy....he posted them for me months ago and they're still available to the whole world!

    Would you two or anyone happen to be able to give me some advice on a free website service where I could post more videos?


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    man, i have searched far and wide for a place that i would be able to stream videos from for free, but it just doesnt work. if you want to run a decent one and have more than 1 or 2 videos on there at a time, you shuold definitely pay for one. i think some sites have real cheap yearly rates, but idunno.

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    Default offers me 50 megs storage for free!
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