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Thread: Our second to last video shoot near L.A - Would love to see your opinions!

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    Default 2nd to last video shoot near L.A - Would love to see your opinions!

    This is the second to last video I shot up in L.A. It initially wasn't intended to be this long or big. Just some casual stuff of their life up there. I did what I could to make it<br>
    better and more personal for them. Would love to see what you all have to say about it.<br>
    16x9 Studios

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    This was a loverly video. You captured so much more than "just some video" for this family. I'm sure they will be delighted with the results. It's a bit long for us non participants but we are not the intended audience.

    Nice one.

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    Just so I don't get accused of simply following Midnight around this forum copying his comments I'll say that I totally agree with him, but I'll add a couple of comments.
    I thought you rather overdid the changes of grading on this one.
    I would have liked some of the sots to have been held for longer. There was rather a lot of "bring something into focus then immediately switch to a new shot". Sometimes - especially with beautiful shots of beautiful people - it's worth holding that shot just a bit longer.
    Great film nevertheless.

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