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Thread: Would love to see your opinions on this video.

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    Default One of my first "Major" event shoots. Would love to see your opinions!

    It's been quite sometime since I've been on here. When it rains .... well ....
    It's a good thing though because I've been very busy with work, and it's work I actually enjoy, as apposed to my REAL job!!

    Just incase you're wondering, Underground.Media.Kings name changed a few months back. It's now "16x9 Studios".

    Anyway, here is my latest work. I was picked up by Xxplode Fight Series MMA and 619 MMA to shoot their "Hillside Havoc" bout with
    36 contenders, 18 fighters, and 2 titles on the line. Pretty intense night. Would love to get your opinions on the coverage. There
    are areas that needed work (Cleaning up the content of the soundtrack is one of them, and coverage of the last few fights), but
    would like to know what the general opinon of this is, from people I feel are experts in this field.

    As stated before, my skins pretty thick. All opinions welcome.

    Here's the Link:

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    I watched as much as I could which was up to 2 mins. I can't bear to watch fighting sorry. Anyway from what I saw the titles looked good but lasted to long for an internet video. The shots I saw looked nice but I'm not a fan of the "focus searching" which seems to be popular. A nicely executed focus pull is very different to framing an image and pressing record before the camera has found the focus.

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    I'm totally with Midnight on the subject matter but I'll try to put that to one side (any chance of an edit with just the girls? I may be anti violence but I'm pro perv)
    I thought it was quite well shot and edited. It had a narrative in the broad sense that it progressed through the meeting and ended with the new champ.
    For once I thought the switch from B&W to colour worked - in that you used it only once (as far as I saw - I did skip quite a bit) and that lifted the film nicely.
    I thought the focus searching was appropriate.

    But it doesn't really show fighting, does it? It shows a glamourisation of what's actually happening up there. It's a promo.

    Get it micd up close. Get rid of the music. Lets hear the punches, kicks, smashes, thumps, gasps and screams of pain.

    I suppose it depends what story you're trying to tell.

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    well, i was just about to press stop but a ray of sun shine at 1.53 saved the day (for a while) titles are far to long ..... nicely shot and i guess if your into this sort of things it'd be very
    enjoyable.... unfortunately i'm not so even with the look (which i like) and the nice edit i clocked off at just over 3 minutes.

    nothing really wrong with it just not my thing ..... sorry not very constructive am i ? :-/

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    Quote Originally Posted by enc View Post
    a ray of sun shine at 1.53 saved the day (for a while)
    You can get similar in colour at 8.58. Not that I'm counting or anything ...

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