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    Default Christmas music video..

    Here's a music video I just finished of a local nyc rock band. It's a bit crude but the band is kinda heavy so I wanted to give it a gritty feel. This is their Christmas song.

    Enrage - A Toast To Christmas Spirits , From The CD Nothing Stays Buried - YouTube

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    Great fun. Punk Rock never died it just moved to New York.

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    Thanks I actually had a lot of fun making this one..It was pretty much a weekend of partying caught on tape lol.

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    Looked like fun. Couldn't stand the voice. Sorry.

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    I thought that as well but I remember the last video with the voice of Satan in it and that the song developed into something special. This was not of that quality but to wards the end it became quite melodic, in a punky sort of way.

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    Thank you for the comments...much appreciated.

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    Great video and edit, Great song too but like said before... the lead vocal is not my cup of tea!

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