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Thread: What kind of forum is this lol No Advice Thanks Guys LOL

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    Default What kind of forum is this lol No Advice Thanks Guys LOL

    70 plus views and no advice


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    To answer the question in your title - it's the kind of forum where people tend oly to give advice if they have the knowledge to answer.
    If you want advice, irrespective of whether it's good or bad, there are plenty of other forums.

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    lol such a friendly forum.

    I am a member of 10 plus other forums and moderate.

    I would never recumbent this forum to anyone Really this as laghable

    ps thanks for the advice by the way

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    What kind of forum is it? Our aim is to develop a community of video editing ethusiasts. We share ideas, provide support (where we can) and generally try to help each other out. Our team of regular posters provide help and support on a one-to-one basis to those that ask. These answers are stored for the wider community to access, and are also made available to anyone (whether they register or not).

    On behalf of our team of posters, I apologise that we weren't able to answer your question. Unfortunately posts sometimes get missed, or we genuinely don't know the answer. On the rare occasions that this happens, posters often come back and respond to their own post with an update. Even if this is a link to another forum or resouce. Why? Because that's what a community is about. It's about sharing and helping others.
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