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Thread: Why does my rendered video look crappy on my new system =(

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    Default Why does my rendered video look crappy on my new system =(

    Ok i play a game called world of warcraft, and for my clan i like to make videos to promote our clan etc...

    anyway i use sony vegas 5 to edit and fraps to record game footage. When i used my old system ..

    P4 2.0ghz
    1gb ram
    nvidia 5600 ultra video card (agp)

    The videos i made came out soso, pretty decent quality using xvid codec mpeg4 for the rendering.

    THEN one day i built an awsome system ......

    amd64 3800
    1gb DDR ram dual channel
    ATI Radeon x800pro pci-express

    And using the same template i had used before and same sony vegas 5/fraps combo, when i render my videos they look lik CRAP!!!! what happen to the quality??? much better system yet the video is garbage someon please help, i hope its only a driver or setting issue. pls help thx.

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    why in the hell would your computer affect the quality of the video?

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    I heard it had somthing to do with amd64 processor not very good for video rendering, and i also heard there was a fix you could do to make the quality better

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    nope, it's a codec problem by the look of it.

    the AMD64 will only affect the speed (and positively), not the visual quality.
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