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    Hello All

    Not really ever posted on here much before.
    I do fire service filming / photography and a lot of what I do is not generally seen.

    However, this exercise video has been allowed to go public, so I thought i'd share it for any comments.
    It was filmed on a JVC GY HD201 camera in SD. Once the exercise starts, I just follow - I cant interfere, stop anything, re shoot anything etc so very limited.
    I had to cover everything on my own, in the building and outside. Only lighting was the fire service lights and my on camera light.

    Ohh and I was photographing it ata the same time!!!

    Exercise Beach (WSFRS Worthing) - YouTube

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    It's difficult to comment on this videoa as it's unclear what the objective is. My guess would be it's a rolling video to haev on display wherever the Fire Service are exhibiting. It seems to be cut like that - lots of jumping about from scene to scene to make it visually interesting and entertaining. As such I think it does the job very well indeed, and it's unlikely that people passib by a second time would see the same footage twice.

    Without something else it doesn't really stand up as a film to sit down and watch - certainly not for 13 mins.

    It's not really a documentary as such: whilst it tells a story to some extent, it would really requre a bit of narration if that was the intention. Neither is there much in the way of useful live dialog.

    It's clearly not a training video as it jumps about and provides no comment or instruction.

    I ralise you were working with the Fire Service and thus had their co-operation, but even so, I'm amazed at the wide variety of shots you have managed to shoot. You camerawork is very good - somewhere between the ENG footage of someone who's arrived on the scene and doesn't quite have the co-operation of the Service(s) and TV drama. The quality of the external shots is superb (big lens, big sensor all helps) and it's understandable that some of the interior work is soemwhat grainy.

    Whilst you've editied it in a lively manner to make it more visually interesting, I think the fact you've avoided the temptation to add dranatic music or audio FX adds to the realism.

    Now we all know where to come begging if we need some fire service footage for our dramas!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for that. The purpose of the video is simply for fire service use - so officers can see the exercise (that lasted 3 hours) and access it at a later date.
    Just thought that as these things are not usually seen, it would be good to post.

    Yes the inside shots were grainy - because the building was dark and full of smoke. using a camera light, the light would just reflect off the smoke and look loke headlights in he fog, so I turned up the gain for a gritty feel to inside a dark smoke filled building.

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    You did a great job capturing the feel of the situation a good variety of shots. If it's just to document that the event took place I think it worked. I'm not sure if it would be useful for any other purpose because of the randomness of the editing. I think for a one camera shoot. You did extremly well to "be everywhere at the same time."

    Thanks for posting and well done.

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    @Midnight Blue - Thanks for that. As I said, the video is simply for fire service use - so officers can see the exercise (that lasted 3 hours) and use it to evaluate what happenned.

    What do you mean by "Randon Editing"?

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    We are use to seeing editing that fits together like in dramas, the long shot establishing the scene. cut to mid shot of the characters to introduce who is important in the scene, then close up of the actors talking, reverse shot, reaction shot, back to mid shot to show hand gesture. This gives us a single narrative of one situation.

    While there was a bit of this in your video, you couldn't really do narrative type of editing because there was only one camera, no repeat action etc. You couldn't have a shot of a fireman entering the room through the door way, then stop the action switch to POV of fireman scanning the room for victims. Then close up of victim on floor, close up of fireman's face as he sees the victim. The long shot as he runs through the room to the victim, The victim POV shot as the friendly fireman comes to the rescue. Close up of victim showing relief ect.....

    It wasn't that you didn't have any narrative, it was just that your situation didn't allow for a more familiar editing narrative.

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    Ahh see what you mean.
    I guess the sort of filming I do is a bit different to what you would usually see on here.

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    Yes but we don't run into burning buildings for our footage

    Good Job!

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    LOL, Thanks... perhaps I should post a video from a real fire on here.....

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