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Thread: Multi-cam fast cut piece on a pretty & conflicted girl

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    Default Multi-cam fast cut piece on a pretty & conflicted girl

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    Full marks throughout from me. Good idea. Well executed. Well acted.
    The main shots of Gloria were framed in such a way as to give a rather uneasy feeling. Clever.

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    Ditto. A great thought provoking piece.
    I thought you got a great performance from the actress.

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    Great video... great style!

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    TimStannard, amazing technical comments! Glad you dig my lights

    Midnight Blue, it's great that you thought the piece was thought provoking - that's what my favourite films are!

    Motion Cut, glad to read compliments on the style - Tony Scott inspired it!!

    Any criticism at all??

    I need that too, remember??

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    The only criticism I can see is down to personal taste which isn't really useful from a technical point but here goes.

    The opening shots I would have liked just a little bit of fill light, I understand the film noir lighting but it was to much light and shade for my taste also there was a switch of sides on the lighting at around 45 secs., which for me is a bit like crossing the line. If this was an effort to make the viewer uneasy then it worked.

    The Foley of the breathing played for the jogger girl was clever but just a little loud in the mix, just a little. The cut at 2:06/2:07, artsy woman first speaking, was just a little off. If it was meant to be a J cut, it was too short which made it seem like an error.

    The Foley off the cigarette burning was a little high in the mix which made it too noticeable, ie you don't notice great editing.

    Focus goes a little soft at 3:37 on the zoom in/dolly in and later at 3:55 on the zoom out/dolly out. I think the DoF is just to shallow in this section to be practical for any movement buy the camera or the talent. Which is why there is a lot of "focus searching" around this section of the piece.

    There is an unnecessary Foley click on the cut at 3:39/40.

    The defocus during the manic laughing section is acceptable.

    These points are all so minor that I didn't think it's worth mentioning, it is photographed 10 times better than anything I've ever done. The sound recording of the talent is excellent. The performance you got from her is fantastic. The editing is paced perfectly.

    Well that is it. You did ask and as I say it's all just opinion not really bad technically and any of these tiny issues are so overwhelmingly out weighed by the plus points that they don't really deserve mentioning.

    It is an excellent piece.

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    excellent !

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    Midnight Blue, criticism always welcome! The foley click at 3:39 is actually made on purpose, I wanted to break something in Gloria's heart while we did a fast cut. Glad you think I made an excellent piece and that it caught your attention

    enc, wow, that's always good to hear!

    A few people said they would like this to be a web series about her stories: does it feel the same to you guys!?



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