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    Hi there,

    I have just purchased a new 55' 3D Samsung HD TV and have just watched a movie I made of a trip to New York. THe movie was filmed on a Sony HDR 520V camera in HD.
    I then edited and rendered it, then burnt to Blu-ray.
    My question is I notice that during the movie I go a little motion blur. The picture is absolutely phenomenal and so crystal clear. I am quite new to editing, authoring etc so I was wondering
    if maybe I rendered incorrectly?
    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Do you get the motion blur if you watch it on your computer monitor. If you shot at 25fps fast moving objects will look blurred there's not much you can do about that. If the rest of the image is ok then your rendering settings will probably be right. I don't know what software you edit with BUT in Sony Vegas you can select different types of motion blur flavours or take it off all together.

    If what you describe as motion blur is actually something else, like interlace artefacts, then that's a different story. A sample of the footage might help, with more specifics about your footage and settings etc.

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    Hi midnight blue,
    Sorry I should have given what I use.. I use a Sony HD XR520v camcorder and I edit with Sony Vegas Platinum Pro. My camcorder films at 60FPS but I have just clicked on the Properties on the movie file and it says It is 25FPS. What did I do wrong?

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    Interlace artifacts are a comb effect on the edges of a moving object which is often caused by selecting the wrong field order when rendering. With HD footage you need to choose upper field first or you can de-interlace the video and select None (progressive).

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    THanks midnight blue. THanks for the explaination. I hope Im not pushing my luck but I have one final question. When I render my movie template (bluray 1920x1080 50i) it renders as an m2v file. I then render the movie as ac.3 file for the sound. I read that if you name both files exactly the same, DVD architect will blend them. When I try to add the m2v file it will not accept. What have I done wrong?
    Also why when you want to render as any of the bluray formats it turns out to be an m2v file and not m2t file?

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    When I tested this I had to put the .ac3 file into DVDA manually. I then made a .m2v but ticked the include audio in the custom option box, this made a .m2v and a .mpa file. So when I dragged the .m2v file in DVDA it brought the .mpa file in as well.

    I'm not an expert with DVDA so make of that what you want.

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