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Thread: Hd equipment night vision in hd

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    Lightbulb Hd equipment night vision in hd URGENT

    Hi pepole

    Really need some good advice

    ok i need a good camcorder for use at night,
    i am using a very expensive good quality laser ir upto 600 meters its an army issue laser ir and will illuminate at great distance
    i need a camcorder that will be able to zoom in and give me best quality picture that processes the video footage fast and be crisp and clean image as possible
    all the camcorders I've used so far on the cheep end of the market i.e. 150 and 200 have been poor when zoomed in and jerky picture and processing.

    the target video footage will be people and need to be able to get the best face video clarity possible

    i run a private investigator company and all video is in night mode

    could you recommend the best suited video camcorder for the job

    Thanks in advance

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    Lightbulb Hi People URGENT ADVICE NEEDED

    I need advice fast as have to purchase by tomorrow as we start work tuesday 4pm

    I think Sony but what model i don't no have aprox 450.00 to spend

    Thanks in advance


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