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    Default Cinematic Style Test

    CINEMATIC STYLE TEST - click here

    Hey guys, This was my first test at a cinematic feel video clip on Final cut pro.
    I would really like some feed back to help me improve for next time!

    Many thanks...


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    I don't know what to say about this apart from cute kids. What was it that you did in the editing that you think gave it a "Cinematic feel". It might be good to see a before and after.

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    I like your opening and end credits, and there's some nice camera work in there.

    I think when you find new transitions/effects to use, there's a big temptation to use everything, all the time, because it looks cool.

    For me there were too many effects for what was quite a simple video (kids playing). I would question the use of three different music tracks as well, because there are three quite separate emotions associated with each one, it makes the film feel too disjointed.

    All shot on a iPhone though, kudos to the kit, it's not bad footage at all.

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    Thank you guys for watching and taking the time to comment. I shall take all that onboard and apply it to my next video!!
    The iPhone is all i have at the moment camera wise, (my wife broke my good camera a few months ago!) The image stabilizer tool in Final cut pro is a miracle tool! actually makes the iPhone video look ok! lol!

    Thanks again!

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