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Thread: Post examples of the worst professional wedding videos!

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    Default Post examples of the worst professional wedding videos!

    While it's great to admire the artistry of a really gifted wedding videographer, sometimes it can be reassuring to us newbies to take a look at just how bad some of the videos by so called "professionals" are. I'm sure theres plenty of shysters in the game looking for a quick buck, who dont have the talent to do it.
    I actually find it quite reassuring that, although I may be quite new to this, that my competition in the local area consists of videographers who make pretty shoddy videos.

    Wedding Videos from SLS Video Productions UK - YouTube here is an example of one that I saw today. Truly awful. Not just the boring music, but by breaking what surely must be the cardinal rule in shooting a wedding video - he shot the vows with the brides back to us! D'oh!

    So if you've come across a truly awful "professional" wedding video, please post it here!

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    That's not what this forum is about, trashing the competition. By all means post GOOD examples of work which professionals should try and emulate but showing bad work does no good at all.

    If you see good stuff, it gives you something to aim for, if you just see bad stuff it makes you fell better than you really are.

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    i dont think it could get any worse than this .....

    Ex-girlfriend Turns A Wedding Ceremony INTO A BRUTAL FIGHT!!!! - YouTube

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    Rob is right, looking at those videos can help us feel smug but not any better

    The music may be not to your liking, but is probably copyright free so is playing by the rules there. (or web use)
    He may be shooting the back of the bride (as you say you are a novice) it may be down to the circumstances he encountered on the day and out of his/her control, perhaps the registrar was on the other side.

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    Sorry.. if you feel this thread is innapropriate can one of the mods please delete it? Thanks!

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