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Thread: Music video, pirate rock, Clapton's "Layla"

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    Default Music video, pirate rock, Clapton's "Layla"

    This entire production was thrown together at the very last minute before the show. I decided to go for it on a whim, and after setting up the audio recording equipment, shooting a lot of random B-roll footage, and downing a considerable amount of whiskey, we shot this song as per the band's request. They later chastised us for filming "that god-awful song." Anyway, it's my first attempt at directing, and I'm looking for some constructive criticism. I already know there's plenty wrong with it, but I'm interested in ways to do it right next time. It's pretty dark, so you'll probably want to view it somewhere that there's absolutely NO glare on your screen, and bear in mind that the other cameraman and I were quite tipsy when we filmed it.

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    I stopped watching when the singer started. It seems a bit silly waste of time setting up the equipment and recording it, if you are not completely in your right senses.
    It is unusual to ask viewers to watch it on a glare-free screen. How will you overcome that problem next time?
    I liked the strong colours and the audio (until the singer began).

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    It's all a bit random for me. Anybody would think you were pissed on whisky at the time of filming, Oh you were weren't you.

    The shots are not coherently put together. There seems to be no thought of framing, trying to get focus before you press record etc....

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