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Thread: Substitute files for easy editing? (is this possible?) HELP!

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    Lightbulb Substitute files for easy editing? (is this possible?) HELP!

    Ok, I'm trying to edit some HD videos shot on my Nikon DSLR, and they're pretty sizable H.264 .MOV files. In the past I've just converted them down to 720p AVI's, but this time I would really like to make a high-quality 1080p movie. The problem is that these large videos slow down Premiere quite a bit, making it really difficult to edit them. The audio plays just fine in Premiere, but the videos are choppy and slow, making it impossible to accurately cut between shots, etc.

    So I had this idea: Why not make smaller, poorer-quality versions of all my clips and edit them: make all the cuts etc. that I need, and then when the movie is exactly how I want it, just replace these crumby substitute files with their respective real-deal 1080p .MOV counterparts.

    My question is: IS there a way to do this?

    Would it basically just involve making a folder full of smaller, poorer-quality MOV files with the same names, loading them all into Premiere, and then later replacing them and tricking the program? Would that work, or would Premiere realize that these are NOT the same files and freak out?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!

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    You want to do what is called the "offline/online workflow". It's described in Help: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 & CS5.5 * About online editing and offline editing
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    Thanks very much, I found out all about proxies and online/offline. Very happy to be able to edit crumby clips and replace them with HD footage!

    For anyone else wondering about this, covert all your files to "proxies," or lower-resolution, lower-quality copies that are easily editable in Premiere, and when you've made all your cuts, just right-click on each file in the list and select "Replace footage."

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