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Thread: Is there a way to "auto-delete" all cutouts between the selections?

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    Default Is there a way to "auto-delete" all cutouts between the selections?

    Yes, I searched without result before posting this thread.

    As I use the GoPro I end up with a rather long vid with a lot of not interresting parts. Is it possible in Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 to “auto-delete” all empty spaces between the interresting selections? I often end up with 2 h movies with say 20 short interesting selections I would like to put together. Very annoying to bring them manually together to the left on the timeline one by one.

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    The best way I can think to do it is to turn on auto ripple and drag the event to the right of the first event all the way to meet the first event this will drag all the other events with it but not close the gap it just helps a little.

    I don't know of any script or command that can do what you want. BUT I'm no expert with Vegas.

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    There are at least three approaches to doing this.

    1. Load your long clip into the trimmer - not onto the timeline. Select the first bit you want (using the in and out points - just click and drag along the top of the clip in the trimmer), then click "Add media from Cursor" (or press A), This will insert the selected bit into the timeline wherever the cursor is and then move the cursor to the end of that event. Select your next bit in the trimmer and "Add media from cursor" ("A") again.

    2. With your clip on the timeline, turn on auto ripple. Select the first section you want to delete - Split at beginning and end - and delete it. As AutoRipple is on the event on the right had side will butt up against the event on the left.

    3. If you have already have the clip on the timeline and you have already deleted the parts, your only option is to do what Midnight suggested.

    You could use a script but only if you had Vegas Pro - Movie Studio does not support scripting.

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