Ok so I've been capturing footage from my xl1s for quite some time now with the regular sterio microphone attached and everything has worked great. Using premiere pro 1.5 or DVIO I capture AVI's and begin to edit.

Since everything has worked smoothly I have decided to try and see how I will be recording more audio channels with my xl1s. Since just using the sterio mic on the camera is not ideal for recording better voice sounds for something like a short film or wedding.

The problem is when using another mic on the xl1s recording to Audio 2 (while still recording on Aduio 1 simotaniously) I try to capture the video and 2 audio channels into premiere or DVIO and only 1 channel is captured not both (audio 1 but NOT 2)~~! Is something im doing wrong? or is there something im just not doing? I do hear in when i have my headphones on both channels when i set the playback to mix 1 and 2 or sepreate 1 or 2. But when captured I only get Audio 1.

Is there a way to capture 2 audio channels or ever more than 2 and have them seperate on a timeline? or at least combined if thats not possible?

Well, I hope someone knows cause I am lost on this one.