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Thread: a nice and relaxing journey in the English Mountains...

  1. Default a nice and relaxing journey in the English Mountains...

    Hi everyone,

    This is a nice a relaxing journey in the English mountains ! I hope you'll like it, please leave me your great feedback on this as usual, it's always the best way to improve

    Have a great week-end,


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    Very nice Max. That shot over the cilff at 1:02 looked dangerous.

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    hey, It was indeed I nearly fall many times I had to film it 10 times to get it right :-s

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    Very nice indeed. Unusually for me I found it edited a bit quickly at times - I wanted a bit more time to take in teh scenery and one or two of the cuts from static into already moving shots jarred a bit, but I wish i had the skill to do that with a camera.

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    hey Tim,

    I feel very very sorry I did not answer to your comment for the last video. I really wanted thank you for the feedback you're giving me everytime I really really appreciate it. You take time and I think you always come up with the perfect critic, please keep mking such critics they make me getting better as I try as much as possible to take them into account

    thanks you SO much !!!!

    Indeed i realised that they are few glidecam shot which should last a little longer, we've got the feeling that they are cut too early Next Time, please subscribe, I'd love if you could give me your feedback also in the comments


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